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75 years old and still exploring the underwater world – Lorraine has been an underwater explorer for almost 50 years and has shared her passion with many! Pioneer of scuba diving in the Fiji Islands, Lorraine has lived a truly privileged life filled with exciting underwater adventures and sharing the beauty of underwater Fiji with divers from all over the

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Flamboyant Cuttlefish in Egg – Dauin, Philippines
Repost: @artofscuba
Credit 📷: @meanguignphotography

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Don’t you all think everything looks nicer with blue rings on it?! 😂

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Underwater spiderman

Underwater spiderman 🐙 . . . An octopus's arms are covered in lots of suction cups with ridges on them. These let them attach on to uneven surfaces with a super power like strength. It helps to hold onto dinner or hide from predators 🐙🐙 . . . 📷: @maiatamsin...